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Important Tips To Keep In Mind While Moving To A New Location

Moving to a new location is both physically and mentally hectic, especially for those who are doing it for the first time. Leaving an old house and shifting to a new place can be difficult but not impossible. The excitement of relocating to a new city like Adelaide can bring a ton of opportunities. The capital city of South Australia is the perfect place to live and discover on a student budget. According to the surveys, Adelaide was the third most affordable cities when it comes to affordable living in 2019. This means living on the leased property is comparatively cheaper than buying. The rent was around 49 per cent lower than other big cities like Sydney. However, renting a property in Adelaide is not an easy thing. You need to know your rights and responsibilities as a tenant and landlord before signing the rental agreement. So, before moving out of your old house, do your thorough research about the city and make the well-informed decision before renting a house.

Choosing the Right Removals Company

But before this, make sure you hire the best Removalists in Adelaide who can assist you in transporting your belongings without any damage. It is good to shortlist at least five companies and compare their estimated quotes to pick up the most affordable and suitable moving partner. They come with a customised moving checklist to help you pack, lift and transit heavy and delicate household belongings with extreme care and responsibility. Plus, they carry new-age lifting equipment and high-quality packing supplies to give you quality assurance with a 100 % service guarantee. So, it is better to hire professional removalists who can also help you know the rights and obligations of landlords and tenants while renting a house in Adelaide.

Rights and Responsibilities of a Tenant While Renting

If you are moving to Adelaide and looking for a rental property, then make sure you know your rights and responsibilities before signing the lease agreement. Being a tenant, you need to have vacant possession of the property from day one (when the lease period starts). It means the property is not occupied by anyone when you move in. Apart from this, make sure the property should be structurally reliable. This will help you choose the best house without any compromise. When it comes to the responsibilities, then make sure clear your doubts; otherwise, you could lose a part of your bond money. From paying the rent on time to keeping the property clean, especially at the end of the lease period are some of the responsibilities of a tenant.

Rights & Responsibilities of A Landlord When Renting

Providing an apartment for occupancy comes with various responsibilities. You need to know your rights and responsibilities before providing the property to a tenant. Make sure you cross-check the applicants by verifying their backgrounds. Get the copies of the ID proofs before finalising the deal. The landlord is also responsible for lodging the bond to the CBS (Consumer and Business Services) while taking money as a security deposit.

Moving Tips: Important Tips to Keep in Mind

Planning is Vital

Moving to a new location requires a lot of planning. From creating a moving checklist to calculating the budget, searching for the best removalists to changing the address, you need to do everything before the final move out. So, choose the moving day wisely and create a do’s and don’ts list accordingly. Also, make a list of items you want to take with you in your new house and the items you need to sell or donate to the local charity. Make sure you do this at least 2 months prior to your move.

Start Packing your Household Stuff

It is good to start the packing process at least 8 to 4 weeks before the final moving day. Pack those things first that you are not using like seasonal clothes and other household items. For delicate items, use bubble wraps, newspapers and high-quality packing papers. Wrap the carefully and make sure they won’t break during the lifting or transiting process. Also, keep all the credential documents, birth certificate, house documents and keys of a new house carefully at one place. Pack those things last but keep them with you.

Label the Boxes

Don't forget to label the packed boxes with words that define the content inside them. This is one of the best ways to organise the entire process, even when you arrive at the new place. Labelling will make it super easy for you to unpack household belongings.

Contact your relatives & friends in the new location

If you have any relatives or friends in the new place, then contact them and take advice before you arrive. They will help you explore the new area, best schools, hospitals, and local amenities for a smooth, reliable relocation.


The tips mentioned above will assist you in moving to a new place without any hassle. Make sure you keep these things in mind and hire the best removalists in Adelaide for a safe and secure moving experience.

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