20 Wills Street, Bright VIC 3741

Welcome to Alnisa Group

Alnisa Group is a spacious four bedroom home located in the vibrant town of Bright , on the Great Alpine Road. With a large deck, verandah and a huge back yard, Alnisa Group sleeps up to 12 and is perfect for small groups and families alike.

Located on a quiet street with minimal passing traffic, Alnisa Group is just five minutes from the centre of town. Over the years, we have served several customers who come to the village. We have fulfilled their requirement for accommodation and relaxation. If you are interested in vising the village of Bright in Melbourne, we can give you a wonderful space to live.

Please note, our accommodation service is rendered with utmost responsibility which is why we comply with safety and hygiene requirements after the COVID-19 outbreak. Our entire premises are regularly cleaned and sanitised, guest’s temperature is checked at arrival, washables are sanitised, and our team members wear masks, gloves, and other necessary personal protective equipment at all times.

All our administrative team members and staff are tested for COVID-19 and they are tested regularly to ensure the safety of our guests. So, if you want to vacation with peace of mind, then come to Alnisa Group accommodations to have fun and relax.

Enjoy your Stay in our Spacious Accommodation in Bright, Melbourne

Alnisa Group is located in the heart of Bright, a vibrant town in Melbourne. Our four bedroom accommodation is available for families who want to come and visit this beautiful town. The home has a spacious deck, a huge back yard and can accommodate up to 12 people. It is a perfect accommodation for small groups and families. We welcome all our guests by providing them clean and healthy living space- thanks to Bond Cleaning in Melbourne. They assist us in keeping the property sparkling clean. So, if you are looking for clean and sanitary place to live for the holidays, we are at your service. If you want to discover craft brews and peak views, enjoy retro breakfast while brighten-up your weekend, then visit Bright and stay with us. You can give us a call to enquire about rooms and prices at any time of the year. Make sure to inform us in advance while coming and for booking!

At Alnisa Group, we focus on giving you an unforgettable hospitality experience where you can enjoy comfort with tranquility and nature’s beauty. Our spacious accommodation is perfect for your small yet rejuvenating holidays. We are known for offering the most courteous and prompt customer service, well-maintained and hygienic living environment, in-house facilities, quality food and much more. So, if you plan to visit the beautiful and vibrant suburb of Bright, Melbourne, call us and book our accommodation in advance. Staying with us will deliver you a comfortable, stress-free and fun vacation. The best part is that we will take care of your safety and security when you are exploring the panoramic sights of Bright and make your holidays memorable.

Why Book Accommodation Early?

We appreciate when you tell us you are coming. We get hundreds of booking every year and getting accommodation is especially tight during peak tourist seasons. Therefore, we encourage out patrons to call at least 10 days before travelling to give us ample time to schedule our bookings. We even provide an early bird discount to patrons who book 15 days in advance. Also, we have first come first serve policy. Thus, if you have a booking then we honour it. Once you have the accommodation sorted, you can easily create your itinerary and enjoy your vacation without any hassle.



Ever thought you'd like to go for a bike ride along the Nth. East's magnificent Murray to the Mountains Rail Trail with the kids or friends?

Is the idea in the ?Too Hard Basket? ? Here's you're opportunity to make good! Let us do the organising for you!

This package provides everything you need to get you pedalling and enjoying all the Nth East has to offer. Great views! Great wine and food! Activities for the kids! All an easy bike ride away. After expending energy on your ride you won't even feel guilty about indulging a little in your favourite treats.

Best of all! You won't need to pedal where you've already ridden! After riding to Myrtleford the bicycle transfer service will pick you up and deliver you and you bikes back to your door or they will take you straight to Myrtleford where you can make your way back to Bright. After you have had your cycling adventure you can rest in the accomodation provided by us.

The easy, 30 km. ride from Bright to Myrtleford is suitable for the inexperienced, both adults and children.

This is just one option available to you. You might like to go further afield or not quite that far. Or you might like to bring your own bikes. We can tailor a package to suit you. Once you stay at Alnisa Group resorts, you will fall in love with this place. In case you decide to own a permanent address at this fantastic location, you will definitely need some expert tips to keep in mind when relocating for a smooth and reliable moving experience. We at Alinsagroup also provide various packages some of which are included below.

  • 2 nights accommodation at Alnisa Group ( Fully Self Contained 4BR home) for 6.
  • Just 5 minutes walk from town centre and easy access to the Rail Trail.
  • Full Day Bike Hire for 6. Helmets Included.
  • Bicycle Transfer Service to or from Myrtleford for 6.
  • Late Checkout when available.